what is the fastest way to get rid of frozen sholder

What is the Fastest way to get rid of a Frozen Shoulder in 2022?

Joint problems are really very annoying. Undoubtedly, if a person is facing any kind of joint problem, their overall lifestyle will be affected, and somewhere they will start feeling demotivated. The most complex joints in the body include the shoulder joint, hip joint, and knee joint. Well, here we are discussing the condition related to the frozen shoulder.

We all know the condition of “frozen shoulder” takes place when inflammation of the tissues surrounding the joint takes place. As a result, there is swelling, pain, and irritation. The tissue covering up the joint and holding it together is known as a capsule, but due to inflammation, it is responsible for freezing it, and its movement is affected.

With a frozen shoulder, it is difficult for an individual to sleep peacefully. But do you understand there are some possible solutions to get rid of it? If you are looking for the frozen shoulder treatment in jaipur, you are on the right page. Here we are discussing the best methods that can help you deal with it, and within a while, you will feel relaxed.

Tips to consider to get rid of a frozen shoulder:

In this section, we are discussing some common tips that you can adapt as the fastest way to get rid of frozen shoulders. These are as follows:-

1. Physical therapy:

When dealing with frozen shoulder, physical therapy is extremely important in order to adapt. It includes certain exercises that are responsible for improving the range of motion in the shoulder. The majority of doctors recommend two types of exercises: stretching and strengthening exercises. Make sure to have a warm-up session before performing the exercises so that you will not face any further complications.

2. Painkiller medication:

Along with going for physical exercises, make sure to rely on painkiller medications for a while. Certain anti-inflammatory medications are in charge of alleviating the pain caused by frozen shoulder. When you take these medications, you will feel less pain and will find it easier to engage in activities. But don’t go for overuse of pain killers because they are responsible for effects on the liver and kidneys.

3. Local therapy:

Local therapy is also very effective in the case of a frozen shoulder. Well, it is right to conclude that local therapy, including ice packs, corticosteroid injections, acupuncture, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, are among the best treatments to adapt. These procedures are painless, and your doctor will advise you to approach the specialist to get them done.

Using an ice pack for 10 to 15 minutes a day is one of the best solutions that help you deal with the pain. Also, if you are facing any complications, make sure to discuss them with the doctor.

4. Surgical procedure:

If nothing is helping the patient, a surgical procedure is the last option left to them. You need to approach the orthopedic doctor, who has expertise in performing the surgeries. In some cases, doctors consider shoulder manipulation or joint distension processes. If these are not helping out, then they move ahead with the surgery. We suggest you reach out to an experienced doctor because approaching any new doctor may worsen the case.

5. Massage session:

Massage sessions are also very important for a person to understand. Along with taking the local therapies, physical therapy engages in these gentle massage sessions. It is totally up to you how you want to perform these massages. Either you can use some gadgets or some natural anti-inflammatory oils for it. But be consistent with it to see the results.

6. Management of day-to-day activities:

Management of day-to-day activities is also very important because if you are not managing your regular activities with ease, it will contribute to difficulties. Therefore, make sure to manage things in a proper manner and avoid all the activities that can put a strain on the joint. Some gentle exercises are important to gain mobility, but strenuous exercises can sometimes contribute to problems.

7. Keep a proper schedule:

Maintaining a proper schedule is also very important for an individual dealing with a frozen shoulder. The schedule is not just about engaging the physical therapy; it is also about taking the right diet along with taking the medication on time. If a person is not taking the medications on time, they will face difficulties in managing things for a while, and also, recovery from the frozen shoulder will take longer.

8. Take a nutrition-rich diet:

A nutrient-rich diet is also important for an individual to have because it gives the body the strength it needs to deal with the pain and get rid of it. The diet must be enriched with all the energy-boosting nutrients so that you will be able to get rid of the pain and recover from the condition.

The following are the tips that a person needs to consider to get rid of a frozen shoulder. Well, we suggest you have a conversation with the doctor because adopting certain tips on your own can be harmful as well. The doctor will analyze the condition of the capsule and let you know about it.

Consult with Dr. Lalit Modi

To get the best advice, visit Jaipur and fix an appointment with Dr. Lalit Modi. He is one of the best Orthopedic doctors in Jaipur you can approach. Well, do not worry and discuss with him whatever you are going through so that he can analyze what to do and how to move ahead with the treatment for better results.

Moreover, if there is any need to perform surgery, he will let you know about it. Until and unless there is an option left apart from surgery, he will not suggest you go for it.


Q. 1 – How long does it take for a frozen shoulder to heal?

Answer – Within 12 to 18 months, a person will be able to get rid of a frozen shoulder. But it is important for them to adopt the best measures to deal with this condition.

Q. 2 – Can exercise help in getting rid of a frozen shoulder?

Answer – Yes. Exercise is helpful in getting rid of a frozen shoulder. But always have a conversation with the physiotherapist considering the exercises you can adapt to such a condition.

Q. 3 – Who is the best doctor to get treatment for a frozen shoulder in Jaipur?

Answer – Dr. Lalit Modi is the best doctor in Jaipur for frozen shoulder treatment.

Q. 4 – What are the 3 stages of frozen shoulder?

Answer – The frozen shoulder condition began with the freezing stage and progressed to the final thawing state. In total, there are three stages included in it.

Q. 5 – Is it OK to massage a frozen shoulder?

Answer – Massage sessions are one of the best solutions for frozen shoulders. It is helpful in relieving pain and tightness in the joints, and as a result, the muscles will be in a state of relaxation.

Q. 6 – Is it possible to get rid of a frozen shoulder with natural remedies?

Answer – Natural remedies can relieve the symptoms, but getting rid of frozen shoulder with natural remedies is not possible.

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