knee pain in cold weather

What Causes Knee Pain in Cold Weather in 2022 ?

Weather change is responsible for a lot of problems. No doubt, from winter to summer or vice versa, people experience different health conditions. Managing things properly seems to be different, especially for people suffering from knee pain, who face a lot of difficulty in the winter season.

Do you know the major causes of knee pain in cold weather? Is there someone who is experiencing such a condition in this cold weather? If your answer is yes, then keep reading because here we are sharing possible causes which are responsible for it. This book will help you come out of all the myths that you might have heard about knee pain in cold weather. Let’s get started!

Understand about Knee Pain!

Firstly, it is important to understand what the major cause behind knee pain is. With people in old age, their age is the major cause behind it. People who are suffering from health conditions such as arthritis or who have previously sustained an injury, on the other hand suffering from it because these are the consequences of these conditions.

If they have gone for the treatment, there are chances that they will not experience it. But also know that in people with no health condition, there is a chance of knee pain as well. However, there are possible solutions that they can adapt to deal with knee pain in cold weather, but it entirely depends on the cause of it too.

Causes of Knee Pain in Cold Weather:

The major causes of knee pain in cold weather are as follows:

1. Barometric pressure drops.

In the winter season, a drop in barometric pressure takes place, due to which there is less pressure on the body from the air. This is responsible for making the muscles, joints, tendons, and scar tissue swell. The swelling is responsible for the pain. A person, in general, is not in the state to experience this drop but does know it is responsible for it.

2. High humidity:

High humidity is also responsible for a lot of problems, especially knee pain. The barometric pressure drop is responsible for the moisture in the air due to which a person experiences pain in the joints.

3. Thickening of synovial fluid:

Synovial fluid is the fluid of joints, and with the cold temperature, this fluid gets thickened. Due to the thickness of the synovial fluid, the joints become stiffer, and the person experiences pain.

4. Change in blood flow:

Cold weather is responsible for changing blood flow as well. The blood flowed from the arms and legs to the heart and lungs. The body is supported enough to maintain an ambient temperature, but this is not sufficient for joints due to the way pain takes place, and there is some discomfort people deal with throughout.

5. Cold weather tightens up muscles:

Cold weather is responsible for tightening up the muscles. Due to the cold weather, there is less flexibility, and the chances of injury are very high. These injuries are responsible for causing knee pain.

6. Lifestyle changes are common in cold weather:

One cannot ignore that there are a lot of lifestyle changes taking place in winter. I well understand that these are responsible for causing knee pain as well. A person becomes lazier, and sometimes they are not even in a state to engage in certain things. When they take hold of the activity and engage in it vigorously, they experience knee pain.

7. Mood swings:

Mood swings are also very common in cold weather, and most people experience them mostly in negative moods. They put themselves in a state of sadness all the time and feel that they are not doing fine. This leads to depression and anxiety due to the way they experience pain throughout the body.

8. Spending less time outside:

When you are spending more time outside, you become accustomed to adapting to the same lifestyle. But in the winter season, it is quite difficult for people to spend most of their time outside. When you spend less time outside, it makes you confined to your surroundings only, and whenever there is a sudden change in the schedule, you experience changes in your body.

How to deal with knee pain in cold weather?

Well, if you are experiencing knee pain in cold weather, there are certain measures that you can adapt to get rid of it. This includes:

1. Physical exercise

At the very least, be sure to engage in some physical exercises. This is helpful in maintaining the ambient temperature of your body, and the stiffness you experience due to cold weather will be less.

2. Wear warm clothes.

Be sure to wear warm clothes like scarves, gloves, and so on whenever you are outside. Also, in the knee area, try to get some warm wraps added to get extra warmth.

3. Bath in warm water

Always consider warm water for baths. Using cold water will not do any wonders for you in cold weather.

4. Do the task as per your capabilities.

Be sure not to check your capabilities whenever you engage in certain activities. In the winter season, people get so lazy that when they try to engage in unnecessary tasks, they get injured. Therefore, to keep yourself on the safe side, always do the task that is within your capabilities.

5. A proper sleep schedule

It is important for a person to maintain a proper sleep schedule because a disturbed sleep schedule is responsible for so many problems, especially aches in the body.

6. Meeting with the doctor:

Have a conversation with the doctor considering the problem you are going through so that they can suggest some medicines that can help you out.

We hope right now you are aware of why cold weather causes knee pain. Well, if you are facing knee pain due to some other health conditions like arthritis or any other, we suggest you approach an orthopaedic surgeon nearby. Well, for Jaipur residents, there is good news that they can fix an appointment with Dr. Lalit Modi.

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Q.1 – Do I need to make any dietary changes in the winter season?

Answer – Be sure to get a diet full of nutrients. You can also add some dry fruits and other healthy food options to your diet that sufficiently fulfil your nutrient requirements.

Q.2 – Can wearing a knee brace help me deal with knee pain in winter?

Answer – Wearing a knee brace will help you deal with knee pain in winter. It provides extra warmth to the area where you will feel comfortable.

Q.3 – Who is the best doctor I can approach for treatment in Jaipur for my knee joint?

Answer – To treat knee joint problems, you can approach Dr. Lalit Modi for treatment in Jaipur.

Q.4 – Is it the right way to go for a morning walk in the winter season?

Answer – According to research, some people do not suggest going for a morning walk in the winter months because the cold weather is responsible for causing a lot of problems. The rest depends on the person, whether they want to go or not.