What is an ACL Knee Injury

What is an ACL Knee Injury?

What is an ACL Knee Injury: ACL knee injury is a severe injury to the kneecap caused by a direct impact on another object. These injuries are most common in young adults and can cause severe pain and disability. They are most commonly caused by a fall, but can also happen if the player is hit with a hard object. When an ACL injury happens, the knee joint is damaged and can’t move as easily as it used to. This can cause a lot of problems for the athlete and tears in the meniscus. As with any injury, it’s important to follow up with a doctor if you think you may have an ACL injury. ACL injuries can be repaired surgically, but often require surgery before knee function can be returned to normal.

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Signs and Symptoms of ACL Knee Injury:

There are certain signs and symptoms as well that a person notices after encountering ACL knee surgery. These are as follows:

  • Loss of range of motion
  • Rapid swelling
  • Constant pain
  • Popping sensation in the knee
  • Feeling of instability
  • Unable to stand for a longer duration
  • Not able to straighten the knee
  • No over-the-counter medication ease the pain

Causes of ACL Knee Injury:

It is important to understand that the cause of ACL knee surgery can be any. Some individuals experience it during a fall and some may encounter it after landing awkwardly from a jump.

The cause of injury is different in every case so there is no one fit answer for everyone around.

Apart from it, some other causes that may contribute to ACL knee injury are:

  • Suddenly slowing down and changing direction (cutting)
  • Pivoting with your foot firmly planted
  • Wearing footwear that doesn’t fit properly
  • Using poorly maintained sports equipment
  • Landing awkwardly from a jump
  • Stopping suddenly
  • Using faulty movement patterns
  • Playing on artificial turf
  • Receiving a direct blow to the knee or having a collision, such as a football tackle
  • Participating in certain sports
  • Poor conditioning

Diagnosis of ACL Knee Injury:

When you reached out to the doctor for the diagnosis he will consider if physical exam. This physical exam is important to figure out whether there is any injury or if you are experiencing some temporary effects of the activities in which you were engaged previously.

Apart from it, the test that a doctor considers include:

  • X-ray
  • MRI
  • CT-scan

All these tests are helpful in analyzing the condition of the knees and help a doctor to understand the exact condition in detail.

Treatment for ACL Knee Injury:

In general, the treatment options that a doctor considers include rest, ice therapy, and some exercises.

But if these are not helpful doctor suggests a patient go for surgery. ACL knee surgery is in consideration which turns out to be helpful for people dealing with such injuries.

During the surgery doctor will correct the knee damage and help A person feel comfortable throughout.

Understanding ACL Knee Injury:

ACL knee surgery is a common operation that is in need to correct a lesion on the knee. There are a few different types of ACL surgeries that are in consideration in a hospital setting. The most common type of ACL surgery is medial meniscus surgery, which is also called anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. This type of surgery doctors often does when there is too much laxity or damage to the meniscus. An orthopedic surgeon will perform the operation, which involves cutting through the bone at the bottom of the kneecap, and then repairing the damage done to the ligaments and cartilage.

The ACL is the main ligament in the knee and helps to keep the knee in place. When injured, the ACL can tear. This can cause the knee to buckle and move around. Surgery can fix this problem by removing the damaged part of the ACL.

This was all about the ACL knee injury and we hope right now you are aware of it. If you or someone experiencing this condition or there is any symptom conceiving anterior cruciate ligament injury without the doctor now and discuss the condition you are going through. We suggest you reach out to Dr. Lalit Modi as he is one of the best orthopedic doctors in Jaipur.

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FAQ: What is an ACL Knee Injury

Q. 1 How Long Does ACL surgery take?

Ans: ACL surgery can take anywhere from a few minutes to hours, depending on the severity of the injury. A general rule of thumb is that ACL surgery will take around two hours, but this varies depending on the severity and location of the injury.

Q. 2 Will my knee ever be the same after ACL surgery?

Ans: ACL surgery is one of the most common surgeries that people go through in their lives. It is usually in consideration to fix a torn ACL, which is a serious injury to the knee. The surgery can be pretty painless, but it does require some time off from work or playing sports. Many people find that their knee is finally the same as before the surgery.

Q. 3 Can I drive after ACL surgery?

Ans: There is no definitive answer to this question, as each individual may experience varying degrees of physical and emotional health after ACL surgery. However, some people feel that driving after ACL surgery can be safely and effectively managed, while others caution that taking any kind of physical activity whatsoever could lead to further damage.

Q. 4 How long are you on crutches after ACL surgery?

Ans: ACL surgery is a serious injury that requires immediate medical attention. Depending on the severity, victims may need to use crutches for several weeks or even months.