what is the cost of ACL Surgery in india

What is the Cost of ACL surgery in India?

What is the cost of ACL Surgery in India?: ACL surgery, also known as anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, is a procedure that is used to repair or replace the torn anterior cruciate ligament in the knee. This reconstruction can be done through several different techniques, but all involve removing damaged tissue and replacing it with new tissue.

In addition to reconstructing the ligament, an ACL reconstruction procedure may involve other surgery, such as a meniscectomy. Meniscectomies are surgeries where portions of the knee cartilage are removed from the knee joint. The main advantages of ACL reconstruction surgery include a complete return to normal function, improved knee stability and mobility, and a reduced risk of further injury.

People who are planning to go for ACL surgery usually have a thought about the What is the cost of ACL surgery in India?. If you are someone who is also in need of getting the surgery, keep reading till the end. Here we are exploring factors having an impact on the cost of ACL surgery. So let’s have a look!

What is the Cost of ACL surgery in India?

In general, the cost of ACL surgery in India is between 2.5 lakh and 3.5 lakh. But there are some other factors that have a major impact on it. These factors could range from the experience of the doctor and the technique they are adapting to initiate the procedure.

The doctor you approach will help you to know about it. If you are not sure whom to approach, fix an appointment with Dr. Lalit Modi. He is one of the best doctors for ACL surgery in Jaipur. You can simply discuss your condition with him and understand what to do next.

He will also help you to know whether the condition is curable with medicine or surgery is needed.

Factors affecting the cost of ACL surgery:

There are so many factors that have a direct impact on the cost of ACL surgery, and these are as follows:

· Experience of the doctor:

The doctor’s experience will have a direct impact on the cost. There are so many doctors who are new to the field and are charging less. But trusting them doesn’t appear to be good because approaching an experienced doctor can only help.

· The technique under consideration for surgery:

There are different surgical techniques available to perform ACL surgery. It is totally on the doctor to decide which technique they will adapt. As per the technique adapted by them, the cost of the surgery will be decided.

· Services offered:

During the surgery, there are so many other services that doctors offer, including the stay at the hospital and medical expense. All these factors also contribute to the cost. In some cases, it happened that these factors were having a direct impact on the cause, and due to expensive medication, the cost of surgery turned out to be very high.

· Pre and post-care:

Pre and post-care is also an important factor of consideration because, before surgery, the doctor may suggest the patient take some medication so that they can be in the state for the surgery. Apart from that, after surgery, you need to take some medication that can help you deal with pain and other related conditions.

· The ambiance of the hospital:

The ambiance of the hospital also has an impact on the cost of the surgery. If you are choosing a hospital with a luxurious frequency, the cost will automatically be high.

Note: When you approach the doctor for surgery, he will help you understand all the parameters important for finalising the cost. Discuss with him each and every factor in detail so that there will be no confusion later on.

Why is India so special for the treatment of anterior crucial ligament (ACL) surgery?

India is a special place for the treatment of anterior cruciate ligament surgery because here you will be able to find experienced doctors and esteemed hospitals that provide low-cost treatment along with other facilities. In most cases, it happens that even in the insurance plan, the surgery is still in consideration, which again saves a lot of money.

How to finalise the pricing for ACL surgery?

In order to finalise the pricing for ACL surgery, a candidate needs to talk to the doctor and discuss how much they need to pay for the process. In some cases, doctors have packages available that they suggest to the patient. whereas in other cases, they charge a particular amount as a fee for the treatment.


This was all about the cost of ACL surgery in India. Individuals should contact their doctor and discuss their condition and treatment in detail so that there are no problems later on and everything is taken into account with complete transparency.

The doctor will help you to know about every factor so that you can decide whether you can go for it or not. But before finalising anything, check out the experience of the doctor so that there will be no problems later on.

FAQ: What is the Cost of ACL Surgery in India?

Q.1 – How long is ACL recovery?

Answer – The recovery period for ACL surgery is approximately 9 months. This 9-month duration is important for complete ligament recovery.

Q.2 – Is it important to go for surgery for every ACL tear?

Answer – If the ACL tear you are experiencing is minor, the doctor will not suggest you go for surgery. But if it is major, doctors will definitely suggest you go for it.

Q.3 – Is it possible for a person to walk after ACL surgery?

Answer – A person will be able to walk after surgery within 2 to 3 days, but only a little. This work is important because it helps induce swelling. Also, be sure about the duration that it will range around 2 to 4 minutes only.

Q.4 – Is it possible for a person to climb stairs after ACL surgery?

Answer – A person will be able to climb stairs after ACL surgery, but they will need help from someone and crutches as well. Also, discuss with the doctor whether he suggests you go for it or not.

Q.5 – Can I run after ACL surgery?

Answer – Before complete recovery, a person is not in the state to run. When the recovery period is over and you start doing fine get the check up done and decide whether you can run or not.