hip replacement surgery is not recommended

At What Age is Hip Replacement Surgery is not Recommended in 2022?

Hip replacement surgery is major surgery, and a person needs to be sure about all the parameters whenever they are approaching the hip replacement surgeon in Jaipur for it. Among all the important factors, age is very important. Let’s discuss about age consideration for hip replacement surgery. After knowing about it, this will be easy to conclude whether you hit in the same age group to get it done or not.

Age Consideration for Hip Replacement Surgery in 2022:

In simple words, there is no absolute age that restricts the person to get total hip replacement surgery. But it is important that the person’s body must adapt to all the changes happening. Majorly people between the ages of 50 to 80 go for hip replacement surgery and get it done. At this age, they majorly suffer from arthritis and other problems which let them approach the doctor for it.

The orthopedic surgeon will not only consider age but also look at the changes happening in your body to suggest you hip replacement surgery.

1. A Good Candidate for Hip Replacement Surgery:

When going for hip replacement surgery overall health of a person is an important factor of consideration and the extent of disability. These two factors play a major role, and a doctor reaches a conclusion after identifying the same. Age is a variable factor, and if a person is suffering from some other disease or they have any serious problem, then chances are there that doctors may not suggest a patient go for it.

Joint replacement surgery is sufficient for improving Independence, quality of life, functioning, and ability regardless of age. Hip replacement surgery is a viable surgery so individuals can enjoy their life easily.

2. Hip Replacement Surgery in Elderly People:

In elderly people, especially those who are between their 80s and 90s, doctors suggest replacement surgery. This helps them to have a stable lifestyle, and dependency on other people gets reduced. But they need to be sure about the before and aftercare of the procedure.

3. Hip Replacement Surgery in a Young Patient:

Interestingly, if you are an adult and due to any reason you got any hip injury, the replacement is successful, and doctors will definitely suggest you the same. Young people are more active, and their bodies adapt to the prosthesis soon. For 20 years you will not face any problems at all.

Note: Chances of prosthesis failure are quite high in old people instead of young people. Therefore if you are someone who unfortunately met an accident and feels hip replacement surgery will cause some other problems, then just drop this myth immediately.

Overall it is right to say that there is no limitation of age or weight for hip replacement. But the health of a person is a factor of consideration. If you wish to get it to approach, Dr. Lalit Modi in Jaipur and discuss the problems you are facing. He will help you to understand whether the solution is suitable for you or not.

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