Success Rate of Hip Replacement

What is the Success Rate of Hip Replacement in 2022?

Hip replacement surgery is a major surgery these days and adding to a stable life as well for patients suffering from some hit joint-related problems. When heading towards a doctor for hip replacement surgery in Jaipur patients have thought about the success rate as well. Whenever you approach the doctor for replacement surgery you will definitely discuss the success rate of hip replacement so that you can easily make up your mind whether it will be the option for you to treat the problem or not.

If you or someone who is planning to get in touch with the hip replacement surgeon we suggest you know about the success rate as well.

What is Hip Replacement Surgery?

Hip replacement is the removal and substitution of parts of the pelvis and femur (thighbone) that form your hip joint. It is performed fundamentally to relieving hip pain and stiffness caused by hip joint pain.

This procedure is additionally some of the time used to treat injuries like a broken or inappropriately growing hip, and for different conditions.

How can you say whether you need a Hip Replacement in 2022?

If you have these joint pain side effects, you ought to think about a hip replacement:

serious hip pain that isn’t relieved by prescription and that interferes with your work, rest, or regular action hip stiffness that restricts movement and makes it hard to walk.

The Success Rate of Hip Replacement Surgery in 2022:

Fortunately, the success rate of hip replacement surgery is more than 95%. For 15-20 years there will be no problem with people at all. They can engage in activities as much as they want. But it is also essential to pay attention to some important factors.

It is right to conclude that if a person is not taking precautions after the hip replacement surgery the chances of dislocation are quite high and they might face unnecessary trouble. Moreover, the success rate also depends on certain factors. Let’s discuss them.

Factors Affect Success Rate After Hip Replacement Surgery:-

When you approach the hip replacement surgeon in Jaipur, he will also let you know about the factors affecting the hip replacement success rate.

The Factors Affecting Are As Follows:-

1. Bone Loss:

The primary factor affecting hip replacement surgery is bone loss. With growing age osteolysis may take place and in such cases, there is a requirement of revision of hip replacement surgery.

2. Growing Age:

Growing age is also an important factor because in old age the bones are weak and sometimes they face pain. Moreover, it has been seen that some people with growing age do not pay attention to their diet and activities in which they are engaging which also has an impact on the replaced hip implant.

3. Injury to the Hip:

Injuries never come up with invitation but unfortunately lead to different problems. If a person got the injury on the replaced hip then chances are there they need to go for revision of the surgery. Therefore it is a suggestion to people who had it previously don’t try to engage in such activities where the chances of injury are higher.

4. Deterioration of Artificial Joint:

In some cases, it has been seen that deterioration of artificial joints also takes place. The destruction of the artificial joint is really very complicated. The major complication that arises is a person is not able to engage in activities at all and they need to go for hip replacement surgery again.

5. Irresponsible Behavior During Recovery Period:

Last but not least if a person is being irresponsible during the recovery period, the success rate will have an effect. Make sure to take all the precautions as the doctor suggest. These are essential for a better recovery and success rate.

So, this was all about the success rate of hip replacement surgery. Thankfully it is a successful procedure these days. If you are looking forward to getting it, approach Dr. Lalit Modi and get it done. He is the best hip replacement surgeon in Jaipur having years of experience. Also, he will help you to know whether surgery in your case will be successful or not. After analyzing the situation only he will suggest the treatment.

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