When do you need a Joint Replacement Surgery?

When do you need a Joint Replacement Surgery?

When do you need a Joint Replacement Surgery?

An infirm joint whether it is of the knee, hip or shoulder any other body part can make the life miserable. There is a lot of pain and discomfort while doing many physical activities. Sometimes the movability and the pain of the joint become unbearable.  Many patients get exhausted by this pain come to the option of Joint Replacement surgery. Surgery, however, is a big deal. So, at first, a patient should opt for less invasive treatment methods. These include physical therapies, medications, other treatment methods such as acupuncture, and injections. If these treatments get fails then joint replacement surgery is considered as the last line of treatment.

Joint replacement surgery is a very effective method of weeding out the joint pain and deformation correction. It is also the best method in improving the patient’s movability. It is considered one of the most & reliable options for a knee, hip or shoulder replacement.

You need a joint replacement surgery if you are facing some of these problems:

  1. Stiffness and Pain in joint: If doing regular activities such as walking, climbing stairs, getting up from a chair and other activities makes you hurt and give unbearable pain then probably it is the time to get a new joint.
  2. Affecting your daily life: You are no longer able to complete the regular tasks without any external help and there is a great impact of pain in your daily routine.
  3. Damaged bones or joints: X-rays, Ultrasounds and other imaging techniques show that you are suffering from osteoarthritis or any other disease which is affecting your joints.
  4. Other treatments didn’t help: Less invasive techniques such as medication, physical therapies, other non-surgical approaches such as acupuncture didn’t relieve the pain.

What happens in Joint Replacement Surgery?

Before going to Joint Replacement Surgery, firstly understand what cartilage is. The cartilage is the one that makes the joints work smoothly. The cartilage is where the bones come together at a joint.  Cartilage allows for pain-free and frictionless movement and typically has a uniform texture. But the movement can become rather painful when the cartilage is critically worn or injured.

When the joint is worn enough to make bone on bone rubbing, even trivial everyday activities like crossing stairs, walking and even bending over becomes painful and difficult. It can become totally debilitating, as it becomes worse.

In joint replacement surgery, the doctor removes the damaged cartilage and bone from the affected area and replaces it with prosthetic components. These components are consists of metal, plastic or ceramic. The surgeon places these components thereafter into the area and fixed in place so that new bone can start growing in it. This artificial joint mimics the shape and movement of the natural joint. Every patient will have a varying quantity of time with how swiftly they recover and become productive after surgery to replace the joint. You can completely prepare by understanding what to expect if your doctor says your best alternative is surgery.

Important things to remember about the joint replacement

One of the most fundamental things to secure at the time of joint replacement surgery is the proper positioning of the new joint. Incorrect positioning can lead to fast wear and tear of the new joint.

Bad alignment can also lead to loosening of the new joint. This demonstrates why surgeons take extensive care to ensure the correct positioning of new joints.  The exact positioning of new joints is possible due to advances in technology. For example, to ensure the exact positioning of replacement implants a computer-assisted surgery uses scrutiny.

Joint replacement surgery is a well-known method and it has a great degree of success. Replacing the inflamed joint will reduce pain, enhance movement and improve the condition of your life.

The new joint has a span of 10-15 years after joint replacement surgery. Hence, younger people in their lifetime may require plenty of replacement methods. After recovery, the patient feels complete relief from pain.

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