precautions after knee replacement surgery

What precautions should I take after Knee Replacement Surgery?

After knee replacement surgery, it is essential for a person to pay attention to all the precautions. If you approach any knee replacement surgeon in Jaipur, they will let you know about it.

But if you want to get sure about it at your end, just go through the precautions after knee replacement surgery we are sharing below. Certain do’s and don’ts are there you need to keep in mind for a better recovery.

Precautions to take after knee replacement surgery:-

Physical therapy:

Physical therapy is essential to maintain mobility. You can contact any physiotherapist around and discuss the issue with them. For sure, they will help you understand the aspect you need to keep in mind. The physiotherapist will not only pay attention to the exercises. But also help you to understand when you can move and for how long you can stand.


Pay attention to your diet because it is integral to understand. In case you are taking a diet that is enriched with fats and carbohydrates, it contributes to weight gain. Weight gain is dangerous for you because the artificial joint will not be able to tolerate it, and constant pain occupies a place.

Understand the sitting posture:

Sitting posture is also important to know, and don’t try to sit in the same position for more than 45 minutes. Always try to sit in a posture that helps you feel relaxed. If you have acquired a sitting posture that puts pressure over the artificial process, there will be constant pain.

Don’t use stairs much:

In the initial days, you are not supposed to use the stairs much. Until and unless the doctor will not prescribe you to climb the stairs, don’t go for it. After four weeks, you can take little steps and climb the stairs.

Don’t drive the car:

After total knee replacement surgery, we suggest you stop driving the car immediately. For starting two months, no doctor will suggest you drive the car because it might put pressure on the knee prosthesis, and it may lead to this location as well. Therefore if you want to become the victim of the same condition, just drop it.


In the initial days, some problems will arise when you try to walk. We suggest you take the crutches available with you so that you can move efficiently. For 2-6 weeks, you have to use them. Make sure if you are facing pain during walking after six weeks, then try to use them again for better movement.

Don’t Skip medicines:

Medicines also play an integral role. When you approach a doctor for total knee replacement surgery in Jaipurhe suggests certain anti-inflammatory and antibiotics which act as an initiative for recovery. Take all these medicines timely so that you can see a hike in recovery duration.

Approach doctor:

Don’t forget to visit your doctor timely. A doctor fixes an appointment with patients to analyze the recovery duration. Make sure to visit them regularly until and unless the recovery procedure is not completed. They will analyze the condition of the artificial prosthesis and reach the conclusion of whether it is working fine or not. If they notice any complications, they will put you on some medicines as well.

Following are the precautions a person needs to keep in mind whenever they are going for knee replacement surgery. You can approach Dr. Lalit Modi in Jaipur if you want to get in touch with someone who can help you to get rid of the problem as soon as possible. He is among those surgeons in India who is having an abundance of experience in treating such conditions and always come up with the best solution. If the surgery is not required, he will suggest you some other measures as well.