ACL surgery

What is the fastest way to recover from ACL surgery?

Anterior cruciate ligament or ACL surgery is among those surgeries which promote stability in the knee joint. The ACL is responsible for connecting the thigh bone to the Shinbone, and during some sports activities, it gets torn. Sometimes it stops functioning, and individuals will not be able to engage in activities easily. At that moment, they look forward to an ACL surgery specialist in Jaipur.

Along with approaching the doctor for surgery, it is essential to understand the tips to have the fastest recovery. Here we will present a curated list for you to have all the tips mention.

Tips to consider for fast recovery:

Understand the recovery timeline:

Primarily, it is integral to understand the recovery timeline. It follows in the duration of the first two weeks, 2 to 6 weeks, and six weeks to 3 months. According to the duration of surgery, you will be able to adapt to the activities in which you can engage.

Be gentle with exercises:

In the initial weeks, it is essential for you to be gentle with exercises. In starting two weeks, doctors will not suggest you go for any physical activity. But after it, they suggest you engage in some gentle exercises. If you are facing any problem while performing the exercises, stop right away.

Maintain a proper schedule:

During recovery, it is essential to maintain a proper schedule. The schedule must involve proper timings of food along with medicines. In case you are skipping on medicines or on meals, recovery will have a down graph. Therefore ask the doctor what you can include in your diet and what you can avoid so that it will be easy to consume the right food.

Be regular with your appointment with the doctor:

It is essential to go for regular checkups as well. The regular checkup will allow the ACL reconstruction specialist to analyze the condition of the recovered part. If there is an infection or swelling is not going, they will move ahead with the best possible medications. If you are avoiding any swelling or other problems arising, it will create a lot of problems later on.

Engage in cycling after six weeks:

After three weeks, you can add cycling to your routine. It is a suggestion not to go for long distances because it might cause some pain initially. Therefore start with shorter miles and with shorter duration as well. With the passing time, you can increase the duration and miles accordingly.

Continue strength exercises:

Strength exercises are also important for you to include after 3 weeks. The strength exercises help you to feel recovered, and mobility will be maintained. If you are not focusing on mobility, it will create some stiffness in the joint, and in the initial days, you will face difficulty while moving.

These are the best tips an individual can consider after ACL reconstruction surgery in Jaipur. Ask the doctor about each and everything in detail so that you can apply the same for better recovery. Also, discuss your lifestyle with the doctor show that if there is anything that requires change, they can suggest it to you. Don’t compromise during the recovery period at all because it may be harmful for a later duration.