What happens in a Knee replacement operation?

What happens in a Knee replacement operation?

How Operation is done?

A knee replacement operation is performed mostly under general anesthesia in which you would be asleep throughout the procedure. You can be also given spinal anesthetic or epidural in which you would have no feelings below the waist.

The surgeon will remove the worn end of the bones in your knee joint is removed and will replace it with prosthetic parts. The operation would be of either total or partial knee replacement. Total knee replacements are more common.

What happens in a Knee replacement:

In the total knee replacement, the surgeon will replace both sides of the knee joint. It can take 1 to 3 hours. Let’s know the procedure step by step:

  • Firstly, the surgeon will make a cut in front of the knee to expose the kneecap.
  • The damaged ends of the thigh bone are then cut away. The ends are precisely measured and shaped to fit the prosthetic replacement.
  • The end of your thigh bone is replaced by a curved piece of metal, and the end of your shin bone is replaced by a flat metal plate. These are fixed using special bone ‘cement’, or are treated to encourage your bone to fuse with the replacement parts.
  • The wound is closed with either stitches or clips and a dressing is applied to the wound.


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