total knee replacement surgery

What exercises are helpful after a total knee replacement surgery?

After total knee replacement surgery, it is essential for an individual to pay attention to care as well. Usually, they approach a knee replacement surgeon in Jaipur and get the treatment done. But don’t pay attention to aftercare, including exercises. This is not good at all.

Here we are sharing a list of exercises that will be really very beneficial after total knee replacement surgery.

Exercises to know:-

Straight leg raises:

Straight leg raise exercise is also essential to maintain mobility and tighten the thigh muscles. Lift the legs for up to several inches and hold them in the same position for almost 10 seconds. Perform this exercise gently and slowly. Repeat this exercise a number of times you can. Also, a person can do leg raise when they are sitting. Make sure to pay attention to the poster because if you are not performing it with the right posture, it may contribute to some pain.

Quadriceps set:

Quadriceps set is the exercise that is essential for typing the thigh muscle. Straight the knee and hold it in the same position for up to 10 seconds. Make sure to repeat this exercise almost ten times during a 2-minute duration. Repeat this exercise until the thigh starts feeling fatigued.

Knee strengthening exercises:

Knee strengthening exercise is important to tighten the thigh and to maintain balance. Place a small roll of towel above the heel and make sure the heel is not touching the bed. Try to straight the knees completely and hold in the same position for 10 seconds maximum. Repeat this procedure until the thighs feel fatigued.

Ankle pump:

Anchor is the exercise in which a patient needs to move the foot up and down automatically. In this exercise, there will be a contraction to the calf and shin muscle. Perform this exercise for almost two three minutes in an hour in the recovery room. This will maintain mobility and also don’t let the ankle swell. Until and unless you are not fully recovered, do not forget to perform this exercise.

Bed supported knee bends:

Bed-supported knee bends are one of the best and easy to perform the exercise. A patient just needs to slide the foot towards the buttocks and bend the knee. Make sure to keep the heal on the bed. Perform this exercise for almost 10 seconds and then straighten the leg. Repeat it several times.

Sitting unsupported knee bends:

Sitting unsupported knee bends can be performed when you are sitting on the chair. It is essential to have support near the thigh. Try to raise the feet above the floor for few seconds and then put them back slowly. Straight the knee fully when performing this exercise. Perform this for almost 10 seconds in a single round.


If you can’t perform these exercises on a regular basis, don’t forget to include walking in your routine. Walking is essential to maintain mobility. When you on recovery after knee replacement surgery, it is essential to focus on mobility as well because if the same has not been focused, immobility will take place.

These are the best exercises which we would suggest to all those patients who have gone for total knee replacement surgery in Jaipur. Additionally, ask the total knee replacement surgeon about the exercises, and they will suggest you some other if required.