shoulder arthroscopy

What can you not do after shoulder arthroscopy?

After shoulder arthroscopy, a person is confined to certain activities only, and some activities are there in which they cannot engage. If you are planning to go for shoulder arthroscopy surgery in Jaipur or already have gone for it, here we are presenting a curated list mentioning the activities which you cannot do after it.

Things a person cannot do after shoulder arthroscopy:-

You can’t take off your sling for few weeks:

After surgery, it is necessary to use the sling. For almost four to six weeks, doctors will suggest the same because it will limit the motion of the shoulder so that there will be a speedy recovery. It is essential to protect it in the initial days.

You cannot reach behind the back with the operative Arm:

With the operative Arm, it is difficult for the individual to reach the behind of their back. The reason being is because the movement is quite confined, and they cannot go beyond the same. It is essential for them to wait for almost 6 to 8 days for doing so.

No extensive physical exercises:

An individual is restricted for not to perform extensive physical exercises. The extensive physical exercises include weight lifting, pulling with the shoulder, pushing, and some others. In case they are doing so, it may interfere with the recovery process.

Can’t go in the pool for six weeks:

After shoulder arthroscopy surgery, you cannot go into the pool for six weeks. It is essential to keep the same in mind because the water contact might disturb the recovery. A person can go to take a bath, but it is essential to dry the incision immediately after coming out of it.

Lifting of objects:

For almost a minimum of 8 to 12, you cannot lift the objects with the arm had the surgery. Limit yourself to engage in such activities because it might interfere with the recovery.

You cannot drive for few weeks:

If you consider yourself someone who can’t stop themselves from driving the car, this is a condition where you need to stop. For almost eight weeks, the doctors will not suggest you drive the car because it may disturb the recovery. Make sure that you are having a driver or someone else around available who can help you to fix it easily. If you are driving the car, chances are there. It may let you feel some pain which might become unbearable as well. Therefore don’t go for such activities at all.

These are the basic activities in which a person cannot engage after shoulder arthroscopy. It is essential for you to understand that you are taking every precaution. The doctor suggests some inflammatory medicine to speed up the recovery and a particular diet plan which is essential to follow. Make sure to keep the same in mind for a proper recovery.

In case there is any infection or redness around the joint to approach the shoulder replacement surgeon in Jaipur immediately. They will look into the matter and suggest to you the best possible medicine to fix it. Don’t ignore any problem after the shoulder arthroscopy surgery because it might create some interference in recovery and also last for a very long duration. Also, make sure to go for Physiotherapy as the doctor suggest because it will help you in speedy recovery.