After Knee Replacement Sports And Activities

Sports And Activities You Can Do After A Total Knee Replacement

After Knee Replacement Sports And Activities

Total knee replacement (TKR) is analyzed for patients whose knee joints have been injured by either progressive arthritis or other rare destructive diseases of the joint. Your main concern after opting for a total knee replacement surgery is the activities you can and cannot perform. While you can have a lifestyle that is a lot similar to the one before surgery, you need to maintain caution. You need some time after the surgery to return back to your everyday activities. But, it does not mean you have to stay idle. You need to become an active participant in your healing process to ensure a successful outcome from your surgery. You can perform certain sports and activities after the total knee replacement while you have to avoid activities that put excess pressure or stress on your artificial knees. Therefore, you have to quit certain high impact sports like jogging, basketball, football, soccer, powerlifting, hockey, baseball, gymnastics, etc.

Exercise Activities To Resume Mobility

You can enjoy your new knee by incorporating the following exercise routine that will help you resume daily activities. So, patients who have undergone total knee replacement surgery can include the following in their daily routine:

  • Walking And Hiking

You need to walk after your surgery to ensure a faster recovery. The low-impact activity does not put a strain on your knees. So, you can keep your body fit and ensure mobility with the activity.

  • Cycling

It is an excellent method to strengthen your knee after the surgery. You can start with a stationary bicycle with low tension. You can use the stationary bike first and then proceed to ride a bicycle outside.

  • Swimming

Swimming can never put weight on your knee joints. So, it does not cause any strain while you get an aerobic workout. You can start swimming before your wound heals completely. Therefore, you can start swimming once the stitches are removed.

  • Gentle Aerobics-Style Exercises

You need to reduce your body mass and keep in good shape for the new knees to function properly for a long time. It reduces wear and tear. Therefore, you can opt for calisthenics, the low-impact aerobics moves to enhance the strength and flexibility of your body. Avoid twisting movements that can harm your knee.

  • Low-Resistance Rowing

It is a great activity for your upper body. But, always set the machine to have a knee angle greater than ninety degrees to avoid problems to your knees.

  • Low-Resistance Weightlifting

You can keep your muscles toned with the weightlifting. The low-resistance exercise does not put a strain on your artificial knee.

Everyday Activities

You have to maintain caution while recuperating from the surgery. Doing too much in a short period of time can affect your recovery. But, you can see gradual improvement over time. So, you can perform the following activities once you top taking the pain medications:

  • Driving
  • Resume normal work

You can sleep on your back, on your stomach or either sides without any problem. Consult your doctor before resuming your normal activities.

Playing Sports After Total Knee Replacement Surgery

The next question that troubles you about the sports you can play after the surgery. It is advised to avoid any sports that place undue stress on your new knee. Therefore, you have to avoid running. You can opt for low-impact sports like:

  • Double Tennis
  • Bowling
  • Rowing

Remember you can reduce the wear and tear on the knee by maintaining a healthy weight. Always resume your activities only after recovering completely to avoid complication and consult your doctor before resuming any activity.

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