recovery time for Knee Replacement

What is the Recovery time for Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement surgery is major surgery, and there is no doubt after it, recovery plays a crucial role. If a person is not paying attention to recovery time for knee replacement surgery, they might feel irritated for no reason, and recovery will get interrupted.

When you approach a knee replacement surgeon in Jaipurhe will help you to understand every aspect of recovery so that there will be no such trouble throughout. By keeping the same in mind here, we are highlighting all such aspects for a better understanding.

What is Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee Replacement is also called knee arthroplasty or total knee replacement, is a surgery to restore a knee damaged by joint infection or arthritis. Metal and plastic parts are used to cover the completions of the bones that form the knee joint, close by the kneecap. This surgery might be considered for somebody who has extreme joint pain or a serious knee injury.

After how long a person will be able to feel normal:

The primary question which a person has in mind is when they will be able to feel normal after the knee replacement surgery. 6 weeks after the surgery, you will be able to feel comfortable, and three months are required for swelling to settle down completely. Chances are there if a person is not focused on the recovery period, it may take some more time and around the 12 months required for the swelling to disappear.

After the recovery period for almost two years, a person needs to be sure about the activities in which they are engaging. The reason behind the same is because initially, the joint is new, and the body takes some time to adapt to the same. If a person is irresponsible considering the same, then they will face unnecessary nuisance.

Initial weeks after Knee Replacement Surgery:

When you are done with having the knee replacement in Jaipur, the initial weeks are really very crucial. In the starting two to three weeks, a person is to be sure about everything even they need to be sure about the movements in which they are engaging. In the initial days, a person is not supposed to stand alone they require some help. They can go for some crutches or some human help to move properly.

After 3 Weeks:

When the duration of three weeks has been completed, a person can move freely, but there will be some pain in the joint. Ensure not to engage in extensive activities these days because standing for more than 10 minutes can be problematic.

During Week 4 to 6:

When a person enters into 4 to 6 weeks, they will be able to notice the changes on their own, and towards the end of this period, they will be able to walk properly. A person can get back to regular activities. But still, they are not allowed for extensive activities. The reason being for avoiding strenuous or extensive activities as this may cause dislocation that leads to pain.

After 6 Weeks:

After 6 weeks, life will be on the normal track, and a person can engage in activities easily. They can go for certain exercises and all the activities to which they were prohibited. But still, the physiotherapist’s consultation is required during the same because, in some cases, the recovery period takes a bit longer duration, and in that case, a person needs to take precautions.

Major Aspects of Recovery Time for Knee Replacement:

During the complete recovery session, some major aspects are also there which a person needs to keep in mind. These are as follows:

  • Exercise plays an integral role. A person needs to be sure about the exercises they can perform. In the starting weeks, they cannot engage in extensive exercises, and the exercises that physiotherapists suggest are important to adapt. Majorly the exercises which are doctors consider include exercises focusing on increasing muscle flexibility and strength. Along with it, some walking and ankle pump exercises are also suggested for retaining mobility.
  • A patient is not supposed to skip the medicines because these medicines have some anti-inflammatory and recovery medicines which are essential for a better recovery period. If you are avoiding the medicines, it will lengthen the recovery period.
  • Diet is also an integral factor to consider. Make sure to keep the diet into consideration and don’t consume the diet which causes weight gain. The weight gain during the recovery period can be harmful and cause pain.
  • Pay attention to how to use the assistive walking devices because sometimes, due to lack of knowledge, a person uses them inappropriately and, in the end, faces difficulties. Just ask the professionals how to use them so that there will be no such trouble.


Certain precautions are also there which a person needs to keep in mind. If you are having constant pain or any other problem is arising, you are approaching the doctor timely. You cannot avoid it because avoiding the pain can be dangerous, and sometimes due to it, dislocation or swelling may also occur.

Overall it is right to conclude that recovery time for knee replacement surgery depends on the activities in which a person is engaging. Rest you can approach Dr. Lalit Modi in Jaipur and have a proper conversation considering the same. He will help you to understand that 6 weeks duration is integral for a person to wait for recovery, and also, they need to take all the precautions.