Myths & Facts about ACL injury

Myths & Facts about ACL injury

Myths & Facts about ACL injury

ACL injury is the most common sports person’s injury. Most beginner athletes who tear the ACL (anterior cruciate ligaments) in their knees say that it starts with a pop, like the snapping of a rubber band.

Let’s start with some myths and facts about ACL injury.

1- Myth: After ACL injury, Running will damage your knees.

Fact: Recreational running will not damage the knees. In fact, running helps to make your bones and muscles stronger. Any joint pain after running could be a biomechanical problem or poor running mechanics.

2- Myth: ACL tear is a career-ending injury.

Fact: ACL tear is a major injury in an athlete’s career. However, it is in no way career-ending. Arthroscopic surgery with an individualized rehab program will help you recover to your previous level of the sport. Numerous national and international athletes have come back stronger from an ACL injury.

3- Myth: ACL Surgery Will Cause Scars and Stiffness.

Fact: ACL reconstruction surgery is constantly being refined and surgeons trained in this specialty are able to perform this as a minimally invasive procedure. In skilled hands, incisions can be kept small. A better understanding of pain control, including preemptive pain control techniques (controlling painful symptoms before they start), can make ACL reconstruction well tolerated by most patients.

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