Knee replacement vs Partial knee replacement

Knee replacement vs Partial knee replacement

Knee replacement vs Partial knee replacement

Knee replacement surgery is quite common these days. People who are suffering from osteoarthritis or suffering from any knee injury can go for it. But the major question arises which one is suitable for them. Right now, total knee replacement surgery and partial knee replacement surgery doctors suggest. Let’s start and understand both knee replacement surgery in detail.

Total knee replacement surgery:

In total knee replacement surgery, there will be the replacement of the entire joint with an artificial joint. People suffering from Arthritis or have any severe knee injury usually go for total knee replacement surgery in Jaipur and get it done. Surgeons place metal and plastic parts to capture the ends of the bones and maintain the motion in the knee joint.

It totally depends on the condition whether doctors will suggest total knee replacement surgery or not.

Partial knee replacement surgery:

In partial knee replacement surgery, the surgeons will not be going to focus on the entire joint. They can either move ahead with inside or outside compartments of the knee joint. They replace them with artificial parts to maintain the motion. There will be no particular surgery done on the entire joint because it is not needed. This is the most considered surgery for those suffering from any injury. But rest it depends on the condition of the patient.

How do doctors decide on a knee replacement procedure?

Certain conditions are there, which allowed the surgeons to decide whether a patient needs partial replacement or total knee replacement. These factors include:-

Age of the patient:

The age of the patient is a major factor to consider. Usually, total knee replacement is for patients between the age of 50 to 75 years old. But if a person is less than it and then they are going for surgery, doctors usually consider a partial knee replacement.

Condition of the joint:

Condition of the joint is also important to consider because if a person is suffering from chronic osteoarthritis or met any injury where the entire joint has damage, doctors go for total knee replacement surgery. But if the scenario is quite different and only minor injury is there, but knee replacement is in the requirement, they go for partial knee replacement surgery.

Here we have come up with all the details about total knee replacement surgery and partial knee replacement surgery, which allow the individual to understand the basic difference in both of them. When you go for knee replacement surgery in Jaipur, doctors will be going to understand every factor in detail and then move ahead. Until and unless they don’t have a complete report after analysis of the joint, they will not reach any conclusion.