Fact about knee replacement surgery recovery

Myth- After a knee replacement surgery, it takes months to recover

Fact about knee replacement surgery recovery

1- After 24-48 hours of knee replacement surgery, patients individually go for the toilet-related activities.

2- Weight-bearing is tolerated and knee bending is allowed by this time.

3- At around three weeks patients can participate in outdoor common activities.

4- Patients can continue their Job at 4 to 6 weeks.

5- Women can enter the kitchen and start all common activities as early as 4 weeks after the knee replacement surgery.


Things to remember after knee replacement surgery

  • Resume to take any prescribed painkillers to help manage any pain & swelling
  • Use your walking aids but aim to gradually decrease the dependency on them as your leg feels stronger
  • Regular exercises: It helps to prevent stiffness.
  • Do not sit with your legs crossed for six weeks after your operation
  • Do not put a pillow underneath your knee while sleeping as this can leads to in a permanently bent knee
  • Avoid bending at your knee
  • While going outside wear supportive  shoes
  • Please Do not kneel on the operated knee without taking consultation with knee expert
  • Raise your leg when sitting and use ice packs to help with any swelling


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