Knee Care After Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Care After Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Care After Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is one of the common surgeries suggested by your orthopedic surgeon to resolve knee pain. Many people who suffer from the knee pain get relief after the surgery. But, it is the decision that you and your doctor need to take after going through all the facts associated with the procedure. Also known as arthroplasty, the invasive procedure replaces the damaged parts of the knee. Instead of the damaged parts, the doctor uses plastic or metal parts. But, like the surgery, the recovery can also pose a big challenge to you. So, you and your family members need to understand the importance of good aftercare steps. The first few days after the surgery can emotionally overwhelm you as you may feel scared and frustrated with the inability to get around the house easily. Therefore, follow the steps suggested below to make a smooth transition and get well soon.

Home Basics

You need to stay on the ground floor to avoid climbing of stairs and put pressure on the wound. Apart from that, you also need to follow the pointers for minimizing the pressure on the knee.

  • Keep pillows to elevate the lower leg
  • Place ice packs on the knee to reduce the pain
  • Use crutches or walker to relieve the pressure on the leg
  • Get help to complete the daily chores

Medication And Wound Care

It is important to take the prescribed medication on time to help with the healing process. So, gather your medication and administer it on schedule. You also need to monitor your wound closely to detect the signs of infection, inflammation or swelling. Therefore, change the dressing frequently and check the wound.

Get Good Rest

You cannot complete the household chores for some period of time. As you cannot perform any task that involves standing, bending or stretching. So, get help to complete the daily chores and take rest. Till you wound heals, just perform light chores that do not require standing for long periods of time. Get plenty of rest after your surgery. Apart from taking rest, ensure you eat nutritious food along with prescribed supplements for a speedy recovery.

Keep Up Medical Appointments

Missing the follow-up appointments with your doctor can lead to setbacks in your recovery. Therefore, ensure you meet with your doctor on the suggested time to evaluate your progress. Ask your friends or loved ones to take you to the doctor to avoid driving yourself. You can talk to your doctor about any concerns or doubts during the follow-up checks.

Rehab And Exercises

A good rehab plan can speed up your recovery process. Therefore, include walking in your schedule. The simple exercise for at least 20 to 30 minutes daily can strengthen your knee. Slowly increase the exercises routine to two or three times per day. At first, you may find it difficult to walk but never discontinue the rehabilitation. Ntotal knee replacement, knee carever let the pain deter you from the recovery.

The pointers can help you prepare yourself for the best aftercare after the knee replacement surgery. The recovery can differ from person to person. But, the preparation can help you speed up the process.

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