How to Prepare for Your Knee Replacement Surgery?

How to Prepare for Your Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement surgery is growing a more successful option for those people who endure pain, and a loss of function in one or both knees that hinders them from taking actions they need or want to accomplish. This happens when the cartilage that protects the bones in the knee becomes weak as a consequence of osteoarthritis. As the bones of the joint rub against each other the injury increases.

A knee surgeon performs knee replacement surgery. He uses plastic and metal components for the procedure.  The artificial joint is made of plastic. The plastic covers the knee cushioning it as the cartilage did it before which is now absent. With the help of the metal parts, one can bend as it works for the joints. However, knee replacement surgery is one very intense and important surgery. One should definitely know how to prepare for your knee replacement surgery.

Preparation for the surgery when there is a month left for the surgery

There are a lot of things that you need to take notice of.

  • Try to get into a workout regime a week before the operation takes place. This workout session will help to make the quadriceps muscle strength in the front of the thigh. If your muscles are strong you will have a speedy and easy recovery.
  • To undergo a knee replacement surgery as a basic preparation you should get the confirmation from your family doctor ascertaining that your body is healthy enough to bear the procedure. So a complete health check-up is a must.
  • Fix up an appointment with your dentist to have a check-up of your teeth. This is because many a time the bacterial growth in the mouth might spread and infect new joint in your system.

Preparation for the surgery when there is 1 week left for the surgery

  • In case you are taking any medicine that is prescribed for everyday consumption like medicine for thyroid and high or low pressure make sure you ask your doctor whether you can continue these medicines during the surgical procedure and the days after that.
  • If your surgeon doesn’t approve of some medicines you are taking stop it a week before the surgery.
  • Drugs that heal swelling and inflammation like ibuprofen are strictly restricted.
  • Do start packing a week before so that it gives you time to check if you are missing something. Pack loose-fitting cotton clothes to wear post-surgery.

The Day Before the Surgery

You have to fast the day before the surgery. You cannot drink even water. This is done so that the uterus and the bladder are all empty.

After the Surgery

You will be staying for three to four days after the surgery in the hospital. Do have your prescribed pain medicines by the surgeon. Do not try to move around immediately and for a few days post-surgery. Also after some time physiotherapy and light impact exercises are recommended. Do consult with your doctor for confirmation.

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