how to choose a knee replacement surgeon

How to Choose the Best Knee Replacement Surgeon for your Knee Surgery?

Knee surgery is major surgery and you cannot get in touch with a doctor who is having no experience in performing the same. If you are moving ahead and approach a doctor for knee replacement surgery in Jaipur, you might be having multiple questions in your mind. Here we are discussing all the important factors which a person needs to keep in mind when they want to choose a knee surgeon. After exploring all these factors, there will be an answer to the question of how to choose a knee replacement surgeon. Let’s have a look at the important factors.

In Choosing a Knee Replacement Surgeon, You should consider the following factors:

1. Education and credential of the surgeon:

Education and creation of the surgeon is the primary factor you need to keep in mind. Always check out for the degrees he is having. We suggest you choose out the surgeon with board certification and with a recognized Association as well. For better understanding, visit the association’s website. So that you can easily ensure whether choosing the particular surgeon for knee replacement is the best option for you or not.

2. Experience Level of Surgeon:

The experience level of the surgeon is important because knee replacement surgery is major surgery and you cannot trust any newbie for it. Always approach doctors like Dr. Lalit Modi, who is having years of experience in performing the surgery. In Jaipur, he is one of the best surgeons available with years of experience in performing the surgeries.

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3. Review from Online Portals:

Thankfully the online portals are growing day by day. People post their reviews after having an encounter with the doctor. When you look for a Knee Replacement Surgeon in Jaipur, always check out the online portal and have a look at the review section. The reviews will help you to know whether he is the one with whom you can connect or not.

4. Have a conversation with your Acquaintances:

We are living in a small world, and there is no doubt you will find out people who might be having an idea about the particular surgeon you are choosing. Have a conversation with your acquaintances so that you can easily get sure whether he is the one to approach or not.

5. Conversation with the Doctor:

Conversation with the doctor is also important. During the conversation station, it doesn’t only help you to match your Vibe with the doctor but also help you to understand whether he is the one or not. Right now doctors make their patients so comfortable that the surgery procedure of us to be very effortless for them. In the end, the results are really very effective. Have a one-on-one conversation with the doctor and ask all your questions to be sure about it.

6. Cost of the Surgery:

Last but not the least, be sure to have an idea about the cost of the surgery. Doctors performing knee replacement surgery in Jaipur come of different packages for surgery. We suggest you get an idea of how much the particular surgeon is charged for it. You can easily compare it with other surgeons. After it be sure who is the best one for you, on the basis of experience along with cost.

Following are the factors which a person needs to keep in mind when how to choose a knee replacement surgeon. Make yourself well versed with all these factors. Be sure about your decision so there will be no second thoughts during or after the surgery.


Q.1 – Who is the Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Jaipur?

Answer – If you are coming to Jaipur for knee replacement surgery, Dr. Lalit Modi is the best doctor to approach. He has more than 15 years of experience in treating this condition and has successfully done 5000+ surgeries in his career. Moreover, until and unless the condition is serious, he will not suggest you go for surgery.

According to resources, he strongly suggests patients be on anti-inflammatory medications along with some physical therapy to get rid of knee pain. If these things are not working, then he will only move ahead with the surgery option.

So, yes, it is right to know that he is the best knee replacement specialist in Jaipur.