How sucessful is PCL surgery

How successful is PCL surgery?

How successful is PCL surgery?: Posterior cruciate ligament injury, or PCL injury, has turned out to be really very common at the present time due to some of the activities in which a person is engaged. In most cases, athletes are more likely to suffer from such conditions. However, there are treatment options available. But still, there is some confusion going on around patients considering how successful is PCL surgery?.

If you have the same question, please continue reading until the end. Here we will help you to know about the posterior cruciate ligament surgery success rate in detail so that there will be no confusion and you can get the treatment as soon as possible.

Along with that, we would like to let you know about Dr. Lalit Modi, who is one of the best doctors for PCL surgery in Jaipur. You can approach him and get the treatment. You just need to discuss the condition you are going through with your doctor so that he can analyse what to do and what not to do. Now let’s discuss the How Successful is PCL surgery.

What is the success rate of PCL surgery?

The success rate of PCL surgery is quite surprising as the average is around 85%, and overall, 75–100% of the results are acceptable and people do not experience any problems after the surgery. The recovery almost takes 10 days to heal, and within 6 to 9 months, a person will be able to continue with their activities as they used to do previously.

During the recovery period, a person needs to be sure about a lot of things because if they are taking recovery lightly, there are more chances for them to suffer problems.

What other injuries may take place along with the PCL tear?

Along with PCL tear, there are chances that a person may experience some damage to the structure of the knees. This is responsible for causing problems in the knee and, as a result, sometimes they need to go for knee replacement surgery. It is recommended that if you are experiencing any such problem around the knee joint or in the PCL ligament, you contact your doctor and discuss what is going on.

Tips to consider during the recovery period:

To have a successful recovery period[How successful is PCL surgery], it is important for individuals to take certain tips into consideration. If they are taking the recovery period lightly, they will not be able to recover completely. The major tips to consider include:

· Medication routine:

A person’s medication routine is important to follow because if a person is not paying attention to medication, they will not be able to recover. The medication comprises of some painkillers, which are helpful in dealing with the pain, and some anti-inflammatory medications to deal with the inflammation if there is any.

· Physical therapy:

Physical therapy is also important to consider because a patient may be unable to move properly after surgery due to complications. If you don’t want yourself to be stuck in the same situation where you are dependent on other people, consider physical therapy and ask the doctor when you can move on your own.

· Rest:

Above all the things you are considering for recovery, make sure to get rest. During the recovery period, you are not supposed to move here and there unnecessarily, doing things that are not important. Complete rest is very helpful for a successful recovery period.

· Hot and cold therapy:

Hot and cold therapy is also important to consider because sometimes due to pain and inflammation, you are not in a state to feel comfortable. If you wish to feel comfortable, consider combining hot and cold therapy. But until and unless the doctor is suggesting you go for it, don’t consider the therapies.

· Meeting with the doctor:

There is an appointment schedule your doctor will recommend to you. Take this recommendation seriously because, as per the stage of recovery, they will make some changes in the medication so that there will be no problems later on.

· Maintaining a healthy weight:

Doing rest doesn’t mean you will put on weight. It is advisable to follow a healthy diet so that you will not encounter obesity issues along with PCL surgery. Ask the doctor about all the food items that you can integrate into your diet so that there will be no problems. If you are allergic to any particular food, let the doctor know about it so that they can suggest some alternatives.

· Notice the changes in your body:

Sometimes it happens that after consuming these medications, a person experiences some changes in their body due to which they are not able to feel comfortable. In that case, it is best to consult with your doctor. Explain what is going on so that he can make appropriate recommendations.

· Continuing with regular activities:

Last but not least, ask the doctor when you can continue with your regular activities. Until and unless the doctor is suggesting you go for it, do not consider it at all.

Overall, it is right to conclude that PCL surgery is a successful surgery, and if patients are paying attention to the recovery period attentively, they will not experience any problems. Reach out to the doctor if any problems are arising and get rid of them as soon as possible!

FAQ: [How Successful is PCL surgery]

Q.1 – What to do if a person is experiencing pain after PCL surgery?

Answer – If you are experiencing pain after PCL surgery, discuss it with the doctor. Sometimes it happens that there is no painkiller available in your medication and that’s why you are experiencing the pain. Reach out to the doctor and discuss it.

Q.2 – Can PCL surgery cause disability?

Answer – There is no such case where PCL surgery caused disability. But it is important to reach out to the doctor. As some infection may take place if surgery is not performed in an appropriate way.

Q.3 – Is it important for me to lose weight to recover from PCL surgery?

Answer – Reducing weight is important to recover from PCL surgery. A high weight can put pressure on the surgery point and some problems may arise.

Q.4 – Who is the best doctor for PCL surgery in Jaipur?

Answer – Dr. Lalit Modi is the best doctor for PCL surgery in Jaipur.

Q.4 – Can PCL surgery cause inflammation at the surgery site?

Answer – No as such cases are there where PCL surgery may cause inflammation at the surgery site. But if there is any infection you may encounter with it.