walking after knee replacement surgery

How far should I be walking after knee replacement surgery?

If you are experiencing severe pain, redness, swelling, or any other problem in your knees, you must visit a doctor. It might be due to any internal knee injury or knee arthritis. Doctors, thus, suggest knee replacement surgery to patients suffering from knee arthritis.

A knee replacement surgery is a type of surgery in which doctors usually replace the damaged or broken joint of the knee with an artificial joint. It is generally made up of metal or plastic. Doctors consider it for those who experience any knee injury or knee arthritis. So, if you are among those who have severe pain in your knee, you might be suffering from knee arthritis and should consult a surgeon. He/she might suggest you knee replacement surgery in Jaipur to get rid of knee-related problems permanently.

Sometimes, people do not go for a knee replacement surgery as they fear that they might face numerous problems while walking. Well, you need not worry about it as it just demands some months in the form of a recovery period. Once you are done with the recovery stage, you can get back to your normal activities easily.

Activities after knee replacement surgery

If you have any questions related to walking distance after the knee replacement surgery, you will be glad to know that you can walk as much as you want to. Though in the first month of surgery, the physical trainer or therapist allows the patient to take few steps only. After some days, he allows the patient to walk the distance as much he is comfortable with.


Once the patient is comfortable walking with the assistance devices such as clutches etc., the therapist allows the patient to take small steps over short distances. This goes until the patient is comfortable in covering longer distances without any difficulty. Also, the therapist helps the patient in regular exercises to make required movement in the joints. Moreover, it is important to remember that too much exercise can lead to pain and swelling in the joint.

Taking steps over stairs

If the patient starts walking on his own and without any help from assistive devices, the therapist makes the patient take steps over stairs and perform some basic activities. He guides the patient and takes proper care while the patient tries it out.

Other activities

The physical therapist also makes the patient try some other activities. For instance, hopping, jumping, jogging, and even running but not with high intensity. The therapist allows the patient to perform all these activities only in his presence.


If you are considering knee replacement surgery for you or your loved ones, you must consult a doctor before going for it. Though it is one of the safest and secure methods of getting rid of knee problems. Yet it requires the patient to take some major precautions after the surgery. Thus, you must always take the help of a physical trainer after the joint replacement surgery.