Does Weather affect Joint Pain?

Does Weather affect Joints Pain?

It is a common perception that the outside temperature and weather affects the joints pain. Generally, it can be seen that people experience more pain in joints during cold, rainy days. However, the research between these two is still not clear.

The pressure of air i.e. barometric pressure can affect joints but humidity, temperature, and precipitation also play a role whose connection with the joint pain is still unclear.

How Weather can probably affect joints?

There are certain theories that advocate that weather affect joints functioning such as:

  1. People with arthritis are sensitive to changes in pressure. Because when the cartilage which provides cushioning to the joints gets worn away the bones might pick up the changes in pressure.
  2. In high pressure, the tendons, muscles and any scar tissue either expand or contract and thus causes pain in the joints affected by arthritis.
  3. At Low temperatures, the fluid inside joints get thicker and felt stiffer.
  4. In cold weather, people tend to stay at home and do fewer activities. Thus inactive joints get stiff and painful.

What type of weather change affects joints?

In a survey performed on 200 people suffering from osteoarthritis in the knee, it was found that the drop of 10 degree and corresponding fall in pressure, leads more pain in the joint.

Another study shows that the pain and stiffness got worse with an increase in barometric pressure and humidity.

While many scientists compared the joint pain patients record and the weather record over the last two years, and they don’t find any pattern at all. It is still for research and would be continued until a proper result comes up.

Let’s know how to ease Weather-Related Joint Pain:

Here are some methods that you can adopt for getting relief in the Weather-Related Joint Pain:

  • If the temperature drops, try to make yourself warm by wearing warm clothes and taking warm showers.
  • You can try a paraffin bath in which you dip your hands and feet in, and then let the wax harden on your skin. The body absorbs the heat and gives relief in joints.
  • Consult your doctor for the pain medications such as NSAIDs
  • Do exercise regularly. Keeping a healthy weight and staying active can help you fight the symptoms.
  • Don’t do heavy, critical tasks unless they are necessary.

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