What can you not do after shoulder surgery?

What can you not do after shoulder surgery?

After the completion of the shoulder surgery, it is important for an individual to take different precautions. In case they are not taking precautions, then it will going to increase the recovery period. If you have just gone under shoulder replacement surgery and want to know what you cannot do after surgery, then this thread is for you. Just go through this thread till the last so that things will be crystal clear to you.

Activities a person cannot perform after shoulders surgery:-

No lifting:

A person cannot engage in the activities where they need to lift the stuff. With the operated shoulder, a person cannot perform this activity at all. They need to be conscious for the first six weeks after surgery for the same. They need to be conscious that with the operative arm, they are not lifting something, which may result in dislocation again.

No pushing or pulling after shoulder surgery:

With the operative arm, an individual needs to understand that they are not engaging in activities include pushing and pulling. If you are a fitness freak and engage in activities where there is a lot of work you do with the shoulder, then you need to stop it immediately. Almost for six weeks, a person needs to be conscious of the operated shoulder.

Do not drive:

For almost two months, a person needs to put a full stop on driving. In case they are driving after the completion of surgery and not taking precautions, then it may result in constant pain. And then it may get dislocated as well. Therefore if you do not wish to face the same hassle, then hire someone who can drive the car for you.

Do not sleep on the same shoulder:

Do not sleep on the shoulder, which just went under surgery. The Orthopaedic surgeon will suggest a sleeping posture so that there will be no problem in any case. If you are sleeping on the same shoulder, then it will result in constant pain, and it will increase the recovery period as well.

Do not move the shoulder:

In starting four to six weeks, a patient is not supposed to move their shoulder or reach with the arm. If the same happened, then it would result in constant pain, which will become unbearable to an extent.

No travelling:

During the recovery period after shoulder replacement surgery, a person can travel to the doctor only. If you are planning to go outside the town, then it is a warning that does not think about it at all. The major reason is that if any problem arises during travelling then you will be the whole sole responsible one for the consequences.

Do not use additional cream and ointment:

If you feel like that by using additional cream or ointment, the incision will get recovered soon then you just have a thought about it. It is a suggestion that does not go for it at all. In certain cases, it may lead to infection. The reason being that it is quite delicate in the initial days, and a person needs to be sure of what they are doing and what they are applying over it.

These are the basics that a person needs to avoid after shoulder surgery. It is a suggestion always to approach the best Orthopaedic doctor in Jaipur. If you have approached someone who is not having expertise, then there might be chance things may become complicated. As a result, you will not be able to get the desired results. Thus, to keep yourself away from such hassle figure out everything in advance and then move ahead.