knee replacement

What can you not do after Knee Replacement?

Preventions are important for a person to consider after knee replacements surgery. In case they are not considering these things, the problems will arise again. If you have just got the knee replacements surgery done and not sure about what you are not supposed to do after knee replacements surgery, don’t worry because here we will be going to enlighten all those things.

Things not to do after knee replacements surgery:-

Avoid activities with a high risk of falling:

It is essential to avoid all those activities where you are at higher risk of falling. In the initial days, you need to be so conscious about everything because if something happened that may harm the prosthesis, it might lead to infection as well. But after the duration is passed at that moment as well, if you fall down and there is any harm to the knee joint, you will pay some pain, and the need to go for knee replacements surgery in Jaipur again may arise.

Don’t engage in too many weight-bearing activities after surgery:

Don’t consider yourself to be someone who can do anything after knee surgery. For a particular duration, you are supposed to avoid those activities where weight bearing is included. Make sure you are not bearing very high weight because it will damage the artificial prosthesis.

Don’t sit for a longer duration:

It is a suggestion, don’t sit for a longer duration after knee surgery because if the joint is in a position for a longer time, it will contribute to pain. As a result, you will not be able to move effectively.

Avoid sports that require changing directions very quickly:

Some sports like Basketball, hockey, gymnastic football and others are those which require quick Changing of directions. It is important to avoid them because, after knee replacements, you will not be in a state to change the directions quickly. If you are doing so, there will be a constant pain.

Use stairs carefully:

It is important to use stairs carefully because if you are avoiding the proper movement during the climbing upstairs, it may harm the prosthesis. Don’t try to go up and come down very speedily because it will contribute to the constant pain.

Don’t sit with bent knees position:

Bent knee position is among those positions you need to avoid after knee replacements surgery. You can’t sit on the floor with bent knees for a longer duration at all because if you are doing so, there will be some displacement in the implant, and as a result, it may contribute to some pain. Some cases have been seen by their individual need to repeat knee replacements surgery.


These are certain things that you can’t do after knee replacements surgery. Whenever you are going for knee replacements surgery in Jaipur, let the doctor know about your habits in detail so that they can understand what to do and what not to do.