Myths and Facts on Joint Replacement

Myths and Facts on Joint Replacement

Myths and Facts

Myth: You will never get back to days work after a joint replacement surgery.
Fact: Joint replacement is similar replacing the worn-out tyres of a car, which is oppositely fine. Done at the right time, it gives excellent results and brings the patient back to original levels of activity. Newer methods and advanced implants have brought function after joint replacement to near natural.

Myth: Joint replacement surgery is extremely invasive.
Fact: Some patients think that we remove the entire knee in a knee replacement … but we’re actually taking a minimal quantity of bone” before inserting the different parts. Doctors today are also using less-invasive techniques and smaller incisions to complete replacements.

Myth: If you’re under 50, you’re too young to have a joint replaced.
Fact: Specialists joint surgeons today don’t use a particular age to determine whether a patient is a good applicant for hip or total knee replacement surgery. Instead, the decision depends on the levels of incapacity and pain the patient is undergoing.

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