Knee care for sports person

Knee care for sports person

For every athlete or sports person, the most common problem is a knee problem. If you are a sports person then naturally the stress on your knee will be more than any non-sports person. Knee injuries can be due to falls or a smash while playing or can also be a result of repetitive moving of knee while playing. These injuries can stay for longer period of time if not taken care of properly at the right time. So it is very necessary to follow some tips for knee care which will help to keep the knees healthy and to maintain the proper circulation around your legs. You must use these techniques and apply them in your day to day routine and training. These are:

Stretching and Warm-up:

Stretching is a great way to increase the motion and mobility in your joints. You should make sure that the stretching is done in a proper way focusing on your hips and ankles along with the knees. Proper Ankle and hip joint motion are also necessary for your knee because if any of these don’t have the proper motion then it will affect your knee in a bad way. For the proper blood flow movement and mobility of other body parts, a warm-up is as essential as stretching.

Rest and Cooldown:

Sitting down immediately after doing any sports activities can also cause bad effect on your joints and knee. This causes stiffness and inflammation in your knee which in turn will cause pain. After the workout or sports activity, you should maintain a slow speed. Keep your breath in control to get the body temperature at a normal rate. Between the sports activities, resting is also important and if you decide to exercise in between, then focus on the upper body exercises. Don’t go for the exercises like leg presses and leg extensions and squats.

Knee Wraps and Icepacks:

To decrease the swelling and pain from inflammation during athletic activities, it is advisable to apply ice packs on knees wrapped in the towel. Also, you can wrap a compression wrap around the knees while doing physical activity or sports. Make sure not to make it very tight around the knee and allow the proper blood circulation around the legs. With the use of this compression, wraps are good for joints stability and knee alignment.

Other things to be considered for knee care is avoiding the hard pavements while running and playing activities like tennis on the concrete for knee care. To prevent a knee injury it is essential that you do stretching and warm up properly. Many people do not follow these basic steps while starting any sports or physical activity so it is advisable to follow these steps and remedies for knee care for sportspersons.

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