Knee Arthroscopy VS Total Knee Replacement

Knee Arthroscopy VS Total Knee Replacement.

Right now, for treating knee-related issues, the list of treatments is long. But among all the procedures available, individuals usually look for knee replacement or knee arthroscopy. Before reaching the conclusion that which one to choose, it is essential to understand knee arthroscopy vs total knee replacement.

In this read, we explore the aspects related to it so that when you get in touch with the doctor for knee replacement surgery in Jaipur, you can easily tell about your preferences to them and understand what they are suggesting to you.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery:

Total knee replacement surgery is the surgical procedure in which doctors remove the complete knee got damaged by arthritis. After removing the natural knee, they use a prosthetic implant forming the knee joint along with the knee cap.

This is the kind of surgery that is especially considered in the case of people who have a serious knee injury or suffering from arthritis. For example, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis cause inflammation of the membrane, which contributes to pain and stiffness in the joint. In this case, the doctor comes up with the conclusion that total knee replacement surgery is the ultimate procedure for treating the condition.

Reasons for Total Knee Replacement:

  • When there is a disability in the knee joint, doctors suggest replacement surgery.
  • Osteoarthritis causes the breakdown of joint cartilage and limited movement.
  • A person is suffering from constant pain in the knee, and no procedure is helpful in relieving the same.

Knee Arthroscopy:

Knee arthroscopy is the procedure in which doctors review the knee joint and will not make any large cuts throughout the skin and other soft tissues. With the help of arthroscopy, they diagnose the condition of the knee and treat it accordingly. The doctor suggests knee arthroscopy if there is no response to the non-surgical treatment. Before moving ahead with a surgical procedure, they allow the person to be on physical therapy and medications for a particular duration. These reduce inflammation. But in case it is not helpful, they go for it. If a person has any minor injury, the doctor suggests knee arthroscopy.

Reasons for Knee Arthroscopy:

  • When a person is suffering from knee sepsis or infections.
  • For the removal of inflamed synovial tissue
  • Trimming out the damaged articular cartilage
  • For removing the loose fragments of bone and cartilage

The Major difference between TKR and Knee Arthroscopy:

If we explore the major differences between both of the treatments, then it is right to conclude that:

  • TKR is much serious as compared to knee arthroscopy.
  • Knee arthroscopy is not a treatment for completing the complete knee problems, but total knee replacement is.
  • The recovery period in the case of total knee replacement surgery is long as compared to knee arthroscopy.
  • Knee arthroscopy is less expensive as compared to total knee replacement surgery.
  • Certain movements are restricted for a particular duration after total knee replacement surgery, whereas after knee arthroscopy, a person can engage in activities within few weeks.

So yes, it is right to conclude there is a difference between both of the surgery. When you approach a doctor for knee replacement surgery in Jaipurdiscuss all of the aspects. Dr. Lalit Modi is among the best knee replacement surgeon in Jaipur, and get in touch with him so that you can have the best possible treatment available and getting rid of the problem will be yourself.