hip arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy offers a number of advantages over traditional hip surgery

What is the Hip arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy is an operational proceeding that permits surgeons to examine the hip joint without making a large incision (cut) through the skin and other soft tissues. Arthroscopy is used in diagnosing and handle all sort of hip related problems.

Hip arthroscopy procedure

Arthroscopy is a type of operation used to analyze and manage joint problems. In this operation, a small telescope (arthroscope), whose area is almost the cavity of a drinking straw, is injected into the hip. Furthermore,  A light source and a camera are used which allows the surgeon to view inside the joint and handle many problems using some special slender instruments. While the surgeon proceeds by viewing on the screen on which image displays from the camera in the operating theatre.

Following are advantages of Hip Arthroscopy

1- Less downtime

2- Faster recovery

3- Typically performed on an outpatient basis

4- Less scarring

5- Reduced risk of complications during and after surgery

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