ACL reconstruction

Do and don’t after ACL reconstruction.

Anterior cruciate ligament or ACL reconstruction is a surgery in which doctors replace with the torn anterior cruciate and graft the replacement there. When going for ACL reconstruction surgery in Jaipur, make sure to know about the do and don’t after it. Let’s have a look at all of them.

Do’s after ACL reconstruction:

Keep the knee straight:

It is essential to keep the knee straight for a while. After the knee arthroscopy, you are not supposed to bend the knee for a particular duration. Make sure to keep it straight so that there will be a boost in recovery and you will not face any pain.

Go for physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy also plays an integral role. Approach the physiotherapist as soon as possible so that they can diagnose the condition and perform all the exercises which help in regaining mobility. After arthroscopy, immobility may take place. Therefore it is essential to approach the physiotherapist so that the same trouble will not arise.

Wear the knee brace:

Wear the knee brace because it will act as protection this time. This knee brace will keep the knee intact and will help in recovery as well. Make sure to wear it properly so that this location will not take place and you can feel recovered after the same.

Use Ice and heat pads:

Understand the use of Ice and heating pads. The Ice and heating pads will slow down the swelling and redness around the joint and help you feel relieved. There will be a condition where you might feel some pain. The Ice and heat pad will help you to get rid of it.

Take the medicines properly:

Don’t forget to take the medicines timely because these will act as the initiative for recovery and help you to have a comfortable recovery period. In case you are missing on to medicines, trouble will arise.

Dont’s after ACL reconstruction:

Don’t skip medicines:

Don’t skip medicines at all. In these medicines, doctors have suggested certain anti-inflammatory medicines which are important for recovery. In case you are avoiding the medicines, you are inviting unnecessary trouble.

Avoid any surgery in between:

During the recovery period, avoid any surgery in between. Sometimes we have planned back-to-back surgery according to the condition, but it is a suggestion, during the recovery period do not to go for it. It might interfere with the recovery of the knee on which doctors do the surgery.

Physical activities are not meant for this period:

Physical activities are not meant for this period at all. If you are among those, who are engaged in weightlifting, just forget about it for a while. Until and unless the physiotherapist has not suggested you go for such activities, don’t go for them at all.

Don’t put weight on the new knee:

Also, do not put weight on the new name because it might cause some problems. If the doctors have implanted the artificial joint, then chances are their dislocation may take place if you have put weight on the knee.

These are the certain do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in mind after the ACL reconstruction surgery. If there is any problem arising, make sure to approach the doctor timely so that they can help you in getting rid of it as soon as possible.