Care after Hip Replacement Surgery.

Care after Hip Replacement Surgery

What happens after a hip replacement surgery?

After the hip replacement surgery, you will found a pillow between your legs to keep the legs spread. The purpose of this pillow is to stabilize the hips. You need to use a pillow while sleeping and resting in bed for a few days after the hip replacement surgery.

After a few hours, you will regain the feeling in your legs, and there would be very little pain as the doctor would have to use pain-relief methods to alleviate the pain.

Thereafter, the doctor advises for gentle exercises to do every hour for facilitating the blood flow. Also, you should do some walking with the help of support or walker, this helps for a quicker recovery.

How much weight can be exerted on the new hip?

Weight-Bearing guidelines would be given to you at the hospital which you have to follow strictly. Initially only a very small amount of weight is put on the affected leg, which gradually increases over a period of time.

When you would be able to leave the hospital?

Generally, the doctor discharges the patient within 2-5 days. When the pain of your body is under control, the doctor will discharge you. The other measures are;

  1. You should be able to walk 150-300 feet with the help of supporters and would be able to get in and out of bed.
  2. Able to eat food sitting up
  3. Simple exercises
  4. Proper following of precautions

When you would be able to back to work?

The first question that arises in a patient’s mind that after the surgery when he/she would be able to work? The process of recovery is different for each patient. As per the experts, people with:

  • Desk jobs can return to work after 4-6 weeks.
  • Labor jobs such as physical work of construction shouldn’t return to work as it can cause the problem again then there would be again needed of hip replacement surgery in the future.
  • Mixed jobs: Jobs like teaching, presentations, etc. professionals can return to work after nearly 3 months.

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