best age for a knee replacement

What is the best age to have a knee replacement?

Knee replacement surgery is very common these days, and there is no doubt in the fact that people who are suffering from osteoarthritis or any other knee joint problem approach the specialist for knee replacement surgery in Jaipur. But still, they have confused about whether it is the right age to go for it or not. Let’s have a look at certain factors contributing to the right age.

What is the right age to go for knee replacement surgery?

The right age to go for knee replacement surgery is between 60 to 80 years of age. For all the males and females the age is the same. But apart from it, certain other factors are there which contribute to your need for knee replacement surgery.

Factors contributing to the need for knee replacement surgery:-

Knee injury:

If you have met an accident, unfortunately, and there is any damage to the knee joint, the need to go for replacement surgery arises. At that time, the doctor will examine the condition of the joint and reach the conclusion whether you can wait for a particular duration or not. In certain cases, doctors start with some medicines to make sure whether it is curable through it or not.

Joint deformities:

Joint deformities also let you go for knee replacement surgery. If there is any deformity in your knee joint, doctors will suggest you have the surgery as soon as possible. Sometimes due to this deformity, a person is not able to move, or it has a bad impact on their personality as well. To have a stable lifestyle., they usually go for surgery.

Osteoarthritis in early age:

If unfortunately, you are suffering from osteoarthritis at an early age, it is important to go for knee replacement surgery. Knee replacement surgery is the best solution that helps an individual to get rid of it easily.

Constant pain in the knee due to unknown reason:

If there is constant pain in your knee due to an unknown reason, you need to approach the doctor. The doctor will examine the condition and understand what the major cause behind it is. If still, the reason is unknown, they suggest you go for knee replacement surgery.


Thus, it is right to conclude that for knee replacement surgery, there is no specific age, and it depends on the condition of the patient. But in case there is no evidence arising, then at the age of 60 to 80, a person can go for knee replacement surgery.