benefits of Zero-error technique in TKR Surgery

What are the benefits of the zero-error technique in TKR surgery?

Benefits of zero-error technique in TKR surgery: The medical field is getting advanced day by day. There is no doubt that there are some new processes available that beat the traditional processes. Likewise, here we are discussing the benefits of zero-error technique in TKR surgery.

We all know the fact that total knee replacement surgery is among the most complicated surgeries to date. Most orthopaedic doctors still sometimes fear performing it because there are more chances of complications.

But how can we forget that the advancement in the medical field is bringing out new things regularly? The introduction of the Benefits of zero-error technique in TKR surgery is one such medical process. Patients who have been dealing with knee joint problems for a very long time feel very happy because right now, there is a technique available that can help them get rid of the pain easily and that too with less effort.

In this article, we will help you to know about the advantages of the zero-error technique in total knee replacement surgery in detail so that next time you approach the doctor for the surgery, there will be no confusion, and you can get it done.

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Benefits of Zero-Error Technique in TKR surgery :-

In this section, I will help you to know about the benefits associated with zero-error total knee replacement surgery:

1. Zero muscle cutting approach:

We cannot deny the fact that patients avoid getting the surgery because of the fear of cuts. However, the zero-error technique takes into account zero-muscle cutting. To begin the procedure, doctors will not make any cuts in the muscle or ligament.

A patient can be in a relaxed state throughout the process, and there will be no need for them to think about the complications at all. All the ligaments and muscles will remain intact so that the patients can feel comfortable after the process is completed as well.

2. No dependency on medication:

No one wants to rely on medication for a longer duration. But with traditional knee replacement surgery, there was a need for patients to rely on the medication. Thankfully, with the zero error technique, this is not the case.

They need to take the medication for a few days only, and that too for dealing with the slight discomfort that may happen. Apart from that, the doctor will not recommend any such major medications that patients need to take for longer durations.

3. Zero error instrumentation is in use:

Doctors do not perform the zero-error technique with traditional equipment. Right now, the zero-error instrumentation they consider for carrying out the process is unavailable. This instrument is helpful in carrying out the process without any errors.

The best part is that, throughout the process, there will be no need for patients to feel like some complications may occur. Doctors keep an eye on the patient so that there will be no complications throughout, and the process turns out to be successful.

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4. Zero friction implant:

During zero-error total knee replacement surgery, the implants are made of zirconium and titanium. The zirconium and titanium metals are in consideration because they last a long time and are rust-free. For the next 30 years, there will be no need for individuals to visit the doctor for knee replacement or any other knee joint-related problem. They can do their regular activities without thinking that they have just had knee replacement surgery.

5. Will be able to move within 4 hours:

With traditional knee replacement surgery, the recovery period lasts for 12 to 14 weeks. But with the zero-error technique, this has come to an end, and patients will be able to move within 4 to 6 hours. Yes, you will be able to feel comfortable within 4 to 6 hours, and the new implant will settle into place in the joint.

6. Soft tissue balancing with zero error:

If the soft tissues are not balanced, a person will experience unnecessary pain. Thankfully, with zero error instrumentation, doctors do it. A person will be able to feel comfortable, and there will be no problem.

7. I-assist is in use:

During the process, the doctor may consider I-assist. This is the instrumentation that keeps an eye on the entire body response of the person so that doctors can analyse their next step accordingly. The entire body response will be recorded so that the doctors can keep an eye on both the patient and the devices and their body activity as well.

8. No impact on nearby organs:

Last but not least, after having the surgery, there will be no need for patients to feel like the nearby organs get impacted. The nearby nerves and muscles will remain intact. But do understand you need to follow all the precautions as a doctor suggests.

So yes, it is right to say that the zero error technique in TKR is among the considerable ones, and patients will be able to see better results. But it is important for them to get treatment under the observation of the best doctor. When you are approaching the doctor for the treatment, discuss everything in detail so that there will be no questions that can make you feel confused later on!

FAQ: Benefits of zero-error technique in TKR surgery

Q.1 – Does a patient need to make any changes in their diet after zero error TKR?

Answer – There is no need for patients to make any major changes in their diet because this surgery does not require such changes. But some precautions are important.

Q.2 – Can a patient move on the same day after a zero-error knee replacement technique?

Answer – Yes. Patients will be able to move on the same day after the zero-error knee replacement technique.

Q.3 – Is it possible that patients will be able to drive a car after zero-error total knee replacement?

Answer – Yes. Patients will be able to drive a car after zero-error total knee replacement. But it is advisable to wait for a while because although you are in the state to move after 4 hours, still, the new joint requires some time to get into the place completely.

Q.4 – Are there any complications after the zero-error technique in knee replacement surgery?

Answer – Fortunately, there is no scope of complication in link with zero error technique in knee replacement surgery.

Q.5 – For how long the friction-free implant will last?

Answer – The friction-free implant lasts for almost 30 years. These implants are made with titanium and zirconium, which are rust free and long-lasting metals.

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